New Construction, Room Addition & ADU

If you’re looking to create a new structure on your property, you need not look further. Lavie Construction specializes in new construction of second-story additions, one-room or multi-room home additions, and complete floor plan swaps to revitalize your home and increase the value of your property. The most popular form of structure addition is an “ADU” or Additional Dwelling Unit, and there are just as many styles of ADUs as there are uses for them:

  • Conversion: That dusty basement or garage can be converted into an additional bedroom or vibrant family gathering space.
  • Add-On ADUs: These are additional rooms that are directly connected to your home and are perfect for that dining room, workshop, or playroom that you envision.
  • Second-story additions: These will make your home the talk of the neighborhood and are a great option when your growing kids are getting too old to share a room with their siblings.
  • Separate ADU: This is separated from your home structure and is often referred to as a granny cottage or laneway house. It is a stylish and efficient way to provide privacy for an aging family member or guests, or a great way to bring in additional income by renting it out.

Lavie Construction’s specialists and unique 3D rendering technology can help you envision, plan, and execute the structure you have always wanted.