Completed Projects

N Doheny Dr Project

Grey Feather Mansion Project

This property is actually the second for the owners: Jaime & Adam, they hired Lavie for their “House on The Hill” project which turned out so successful, they were able to upgrade to a much larger property, and they wanted to create an English Manor Styling, with their much larger floor plan. They imported various materials, elements from France, Italy and Spain. In order to create a cozy and comfy atmosphere for all their Holidays Entertaining and their daily athletic, active lifestyle.

The Scope of Work:


The Minimalist’s Dream Home Story

Keren and Dustin purchased their dream home in January 2018, but the dream wasn’t quite complete. When Keren came to Lavie Construction, she needed help transforming their ordinary interior into the extraordinary living space that she had envisioned.

Their lifestyle called for a minimalist design, highlighting the beauty of the space with simplicity.

With Lavie Construction as her teammate, Keren and Dustin were able to transform the bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, finish flooring, wall coverings, and finish colors to create the perfect accent for their minimalist lifestyle.

Together, Keren, David, and Lavie Construction created: 

  • Custom Cabinets
  • Waterfall Countertop style
  • Electrical upgrades (over 120 recessed lights ) throughout the entire floor plan
  • Decorative Chandeliers
  • Outdoor custom built spa and BBQ station
  • New windows and French Doors
  • Remodeling of 4-1/2 baths
  • Custom full chef’s kitchen
  • Fireplace Makeover
  • Custom staircase and railing

The Perfect Backyard Summer Story

Maria and Russell love to host their family and friends during the holidays and to be the life of the party. They also love to be quiet and cozy and to relax in peace with a perfect glass of wine.

With the support of Lavie Construction’s specialists, they were able to have the best of both worlds – transforming their outdoor space into a beautiful, serene, and open place where their big family could celebrate together and enjoy the holidays, and also where they could unwind after a hectic day in their personal sanctuary.

Lavie Construction built Maria and Russell’s dreams with:

  • Custom concrete branch cantilever stairs with underside lighting
  • A custom fence made of Mangaris wood
  • Surface height deck made of Mangaris wood
  • Exotic landscaping and artificial turf
  • Planters
  • Over 50 outdoor lights
  • BBQ station

The Casa Blanca Story

Marina and Mike are an entrepreneurial couple that have always dreamed about a life in a beautiful home that is a comfortable place to run their businesses yet has that vacation feel to unwind and relax after a hard day. Finally, after a year of searching, they found this fabulous property. But the house was not ready and needed a serious update to meet their expectations.

The couple asked Lavie Construction for a home that has a lot of classic and warm white colors, timeless materials, modern fixtures, large master bathroom, stunning kitchen and wood floors.

Lavie Construction worked with Marina and Mike to add:

  • Full chef kitchen
  • 4 1/2 luxury bathrooms
  • Sauna room
  • 33 Tuscany windows
  • 3200 sqft of Premium hardwood floor
  • Contemporary solid wood staircase
  • Over 100 light fixtures
  • HVAC 3 zones system
  • Smart home system
  • Interior & Exterior paint

The Zen House

The Zen house is a very unique mixture of state of the art materials design and craftsmanship that creates this modern feel integrated with a unique, classic charm. The living spaces flow outside effortlessly to the pool and outdoor kitchen areas. The property is further surrounded on both sides by exemplar wooden fencing and a firepit that enhances the open-air back yard for a genuinely tranquil environment.

This Zen house renewal is free from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Hidden away from the fringe of the city, the noise and stimulation will no longer accompany you with this peaceful, charming property. At Lavie construction, we renewed the essence of this property with a ceiling and roof raise, exterior walls featuring smooth stucco, custom kitchen and cabinetry, and premium hardwood flooring. This property became a beautifully constructed, unique home that stands out among other properties in the same neighbourhood. One glance and anyone can see that the re-constructed property is the definition of tranquil, exceptional luxury.

This Zen house is tucked away from the bustle of the city which highlights its relaxed and private environment. The stunning property is emphasized with over 100 new lights and fixtures, 3.5 luxury bathrooms, tailored glass staircase railing, custom outdoor pool, spa, bbq, modern pavers, and finally, architectural windows and doors. Upstairs are the lavishly decorated bedrooms and an open plan living space awash with natural light from the wide angled windows. Enjoy the peaceful, natural, and brightly-lit premises without interference on this private, zen property. Lavie transformed the interior and exterior of this space into a beautiful, serene, and open place where anyone who values privacy can unwind after a hectic day, in their own personal sanctuary.

This is a comfortable place to live your life and the perfect home for anyone who needs to relax after a hard day’s work. At Lavie Construction, we value the quality of each plan and the opinions of our clients. We work with each of our clients to make their dream home a reality. Our team follows each of our client’s journeys to construct the home they’ve been aspiring to their entire lives.

When we first started on this property, it was not ready and needed a serious overhaul to become the zen house that it is today. Lavie Construction was able to restore and breathe new life into this property with classic elements such as warm white and grey accents, timeless hardwood, modern fixtures, a large master bathroom, stunning kitchen and marble tile floors.

All of our projects are constructed with the utmost care and expertise from our team of professionals. We prioritize our perspective of constructing properties with a new, fresh, and modern take associated with the pinnacle of quality. We are well-known to deliver exceptional spaces such as vibrant family gathering spaces and revitalized bedrooms. If you’re looking to create a new structure on your property, you need not look further. Lavie Construction’s specialists and unique 3D rendering technology can help you envision, plan, and execute the property you have always dreamed of.

  • Ceiling and roof raise
  • Exterior walls smooth stucco
  • Custom kitchen & cabinetry
  • Premium hardwood flooring
  • Over 100 new lights & fixtures
  • 3.5 luxury bathrooms
  • Custom outdoor pool, spa & bbq
  • Modern pavers
  • Architectural windows & doors
  • Custom glass staircase railing

The House on the Hill Story

Jamie was feeling frustrated with her independent attempts at remodeling when she decided to come to Lavie Construction for help. She had dozens of great ideas, like tall decorative stucco walls, an outdoor pool and spa, a cozy family relaxing space, and play areas for her children, but was struggling to bring it all together in a cohesive way that combined her desires for a home that was unique, child-friendly, private, and also proudly stood out in the neighborhood.

With the help of Lavie Construction’s 3D rendering, she was able to take all of these individual pieces and turn it into the picturesque home of her dreams.

Teamed up with Lavie Construction, Jaime accomplished:

  • Custom designed pool and spa
  • Over 90 electrical outdoor lights
  • Smooth Finish stucco walls
  • Retaining walls with Architectural wood veneer
  • Exotic landscaping and hardscaping
  • Custom architectural concrete pavers
  • Privacy fencing and an electric security gate
  • Cantilever concrete stairs with majestic underside lighting