3D Rendering & Design

You’re looking down on a blueprint with a contractor and it might as well be a foreign language. How are you supposed to envision your plans for the dream space you’re going to live in with this industry-specific tool? Now the job is completed, but it’s nothing like you had imagined because a blueprint is not as detailed or as vivid as your imagination. Now it’s too late to make the changes you desire. But wait!

Lavie Construction’s 3D rendering and design is your solution.

With 3D rendering and design, you are empowered to be the decision maker and can see the results of your decisions before costly construction begins. This is the most efficient way to design your space. Is your hallway wide enough? Do you want two windows on this wall or three? Would this room look better with white or sky blue walls? Now you can make a choice, assess your decision, and adjust to your desire, all before construction begins.

Let the 3D rendering and design revolution begin with your home!

Lavie Construction is here to help.